New research also suggests that the tree bumblebee may be particularly hardy.

The bees have now been found about 20 miles to the north of Glasgow in Scotland, he added.

New research also suggests that the tree bumblebee may be particularly hardy.

A study published in the Journal of Animal Ecology found that the insects are resistant to some nematode worm parasites that can kill off native bumblebees.

The jury is still out, however, as to the wider impact of the bee’s arrival.

Prof Mark Brown, a biologist from Royal Holloway, University of London, said: “It could be that these bees are providing additional pollination services – pollinating garden plants, plants in the countryside, or crops.

“It could also be that it is simply filling an empty niche in our ecosystem. In Continental Europe, it lives side-by-side with a lot of the species we have in the UK.

“Alternatively, it may be competing with them for resources – for flowers or nest sites.”

This is a peak time of year to spot tree bumblebees: the males can bee seen dancing outside the entrances of nests to attract the attention of the new queens.

Stuart Roberts said that if a nest was found, it should be left alone.

He said: “In the first instance, relax – the nests will be vacated within the next couple of weeks and you are lucky that these first-class pollinators have chosen you!

The BGS estimates there are between 2.2 billion

It proposes that shale oil and gas companies are granted access to land below 300m from the surface.home improvement

It also suggests firms pay £20,000 per well to those living above the land.

The consultation comes as a new report by the British Geological Survey (BGS) estimates there are 4.4bn barrels of oil in shale rocks in southern England.

The BGS estimates there are between 2.2 billion and 8.6 billion barrels of shale oil in the Weald Basin – that covers areas including Sussex, Hampshire, Surrey and Kent – but says there is “no significant gas resource”.designer sunglasses women

These figures represent the total amount of oil in the rocks, only some of which can be accessed.

“It is not known what percentage of the oil present in the shale could be commercially extracted,” the survey said.Multi-touch Panel

There are materials we are working on at Argonne.

Going forward, get ready for battery technology to have increasingly complicated names; LiNiMnCo (lithium–nickel-manganese-cobalt-oxides) for example. These materials have complex properties, and work is now going on to figure out not only why these materials work, but also exactly how they work – the basic physics of the electrons moving around the materials.

“There are materials we are working on at Argonne which can double the current energy density available for batteries,” says Daniel Abraham, a material scientist at Argonne National Laboratory, outside Chicago in the US. “We dream up or imagine the types of materials we would like to work with, then we attempt to synthesize the materials in the laboratory.4g sim only
Currently the batteries getting all the buzz are lithium-air, or more properly lithium-oxygen, as well as lithium-sulphur batteries. Li-oxygen batteries, if they can be made to work, under all conditions, will be an order of magnitude improvement over the current Li-ion batteries. “It’s a very hot field at this time” says Abraham.

Indeed Volkswagen has recently hinted that it is investigating lithium-air batteries. The precise chemical/ material combination that they are using has not been revealed as development work continues. The company’s engineers will not even say if the technology has been tested in a car, or if it is still at the ‘lab bench’ stage.

But although the technology has revolutionary potential, the technical challenges of making a Li-air battery work consistently, reliably, and safely – and crucially for extended durations – are large. So far the electrodes have proven unstable.Attractions in Hong Kong
Labs around the world are working on the problem though, trying to overcome the drawbacks. The hope is that greater emphasis on these “beyond lithium-ion” technologies, will ensure faster progress in their development, and in the long-run faster cars that travel farther.reducing acne scarring


The UK government will make it a criminal offence

The UK government will make it a criminal offence to smoke in cars in England when children are passengers, a Downing Street source has said.

MPs voted in favour of an amendment to the Children and Families Bill, which empowers, but does not compel, ministers to bring in a ban in England.

The source told the BBC Parliament had spoken and a ban would happen.

The vote – passed by 376 votes to 107 – also gave the Welsh government the power to bring in a ban in Wales.
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The liberty to smoke in your car in front of a child doesn’t seem to me that important and protecting a child’s health does seem to me to be incredibly important”

Health Minister Norman Lamb

Welsh ministers must now decide if they want to make smoking in cars carrying children illegal in Wales.

Speaking to Radio 4’s World Tonight programme on Monday, Liberal Democrat Health Minister Norman Lamb said he hoped a ban would be established.

He said the majority of 269 was “so decisive that I think there’s a very clear mandate now to get on and legislate but we will have that discussion”.

He added: “You have to ask yourself the question: ‘how important is the liberty that we’re infringing here’?

“The liberty to smoke in your car in front of a child doesn’t seem to me that important and protecting a child’s health does seem to me to be incredibly important.”

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